Thursday, March 3, 2011

CF - A message From Eva

Updates on my kidney donation are coming...I promise. Just need to organize thoughts and events before I do. In the meantime, watch the following. When you're done, sign your donor card!

February 11/2011, was a special day. 1200 people gathered to listen to some great music, to view some beautiful films and to honour Eva. The 65redroses benefit concert for CF, was a great legacy project. It brought out the best in so many people. $37 000 was raised for CF research! Eva's friends, under the direction of Stuart Gillies, produced a beautiful short film 'A Wish Where the Wind Once Blew' that honoured all those who have died from CF. Eva's boyfriend Justin also edited a short video with a message of CF, that brought home the reason why we were all there. Here is his video.

A Message from Eva from Justin Cousineau on Vimeo.