Monday, May 23, 2011

Bree - The Sweetest Soul

The world is losing one of it's sweetest souls, Brianne (Bree) Cordick. Although I never met, or talked to her, I followed her journey through her blog "The Blog Blog." Bree received a lung transplant in August 2009 after suffering from a condition called Bronchiectasis. The transplant worked and Bree continued to be the coolest, kick-ass chick I have never met! Sadly, her other condition, ADA SCID, continued to fight her. In late February, she was admitted to hospital for what she called a 'broken head.' Daily checks to her blog revealed no updates, but through other bloggers I learned her health was failing rapidly as her doctors fought this new mystery virus.

Bree's condition worsened daily until late last week, when she was taken off life support. The world is turning so much slower today. Rest easy Bree, you will be missed, and thank you for letting me know you.

Bree passed away on May 25/2011