Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Tests!

I don't know if it was me, my computer, or the interwebs in general, but I have had a hell of a time logging into this site to do an update!! Sheeesh! If this continues, I may move to World Press!

During the weekend,last weekend to be exact, I decided to email the hospital to see if there was any news, on Tuesday they replied with three new appointments.

Monday August 10/09
1:00 PM General Meeting
2:00 PM CT Cholangiogram
3:15 PM Pulmonary Function Tests

Not a big fan of the CT scans. It's not a painful process but they pump this dye into you and it just makes you feel weird! Anyways, this test involves a different 'contrast medium' that will highlight the biliary anatomy for the surgeons to assess more closely. Apparently these tests are hard to schedule...hence the delay in my appointment schedule. Truth be known, I kind of like the airy gowns they give ya to wear while in the machine itself! Very comfortable and breezy. Ummm, perhaps I've said too much.

I'm thinking the pulmonary function tests is to gauge lung capacity and how well said lungs move oxygen. A google search revealed "forced breathing and rapid breathing may produce light-headedness during and after the test". Nice!

That's the update for now, I'll post more Monday night or Tuesday.

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