Friday, December 25, 2009

My Lame Christmas Update

Merry Christmas!!

My apologies again for the lack of new content here, there just isn't any exciting stuff to post about ya know. I'm back at work trying to go at it full bore but still find my core strength is limited. I feel great otherwise! I still have some minor complaints, but nothing that really affects my daily routine. That being said, I tried to lift some skids at work the other day and damn near pissed my pants in the process! Even now I have this weird sensation in my gut...nothing bad, just a goes from being tight to this strange, sporadic 'fluttery' feeling. Once it settles down, it feels like I've been punched in the stomach and I have to pee. It's worse in the mornings and after I get up from sitting for a while. I guess like everything else, it'll just take time before I'm back to the old me again.

It's funny just how much we take advantage of our 'healthy' bodies. When everything feels fine, we are invincible!! Get a cold or some other malady, and we become helpless creatures, dependent on medications and miracle cures, pull or strain a muscle and our entire body feels the effect. Of course, it always happens at the worst time possible too. "Ahh man! I can't get a cold today, I have stuff to do!" I'm the absolute worst offender too. If I get hurt, I baby myself for way too long. I really need to change this behaviour, I'm not as invincible as I once was, I need to slow down and do what I can & not what I think I can. I hope some of this makes sense.

So, this particular blog of mine will change direction and focus in the coming weeks. I'll still post updates on me and my experiences, but I'll also be posting more transplantation news and individual transplant stories. I've also got a new quest on the horizon that I'll be posting about....exciting stuff too.

At some point today, give a silent thanks to the many nurses and doctors that will be staffing our hospitals while we enjoy the holidays. The last thing is this, sign your donor card, it's free, it's fast and you could save a life....and it's the best Christmas gift you will ever give!

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