Saturday, January 5, 2013

Recycled Kidney Dish

Ok, so way back in 2009....I somehow, accidentally, may have stolen a kidney shaped dish from Toronto General Hospital. In fact, it may have looked a lot like the one pictured here. 
It's hard to say how this pan made its way into my luggage, but it did....along with a few hospital robes too! In any case, it has never been used by me as a puke pan...and I now consider it a souvenir from my liver donation. For the most part, this dish has sat out on a shelf in the sunroom, being used as a catch-all for loose change, dust bunnies, loose nails, screws and whatever. Back in November of 2012, my mom took the pan to a florist here in town and had them work some magic on it! The following result was an anniversary/birthday gift! Pretty cool huh?


glamourous gimpstress said...

ha how many organs have u donated? thats pretty awesome of you:)

Chandler said...

Thanks for the kind comment! I only donated the kidney and a portion of my liver.

Anonymous said...

lol Chandler, this is a cool idea. I wish I could've done that with mine but it was ugly dark yellow and plastic so wouldn't have looked as chic as this!