Sunday, June 28, 2009

Processed Foods

I had a really good talk with my transplant coordinator the other day. I voiced my concern about the results of my scans, mainly if I was still a candidate for living donor transplant. The news that I had some fatty deposits on my liver freaked me out! (Obviously I'm still a candidate for donation, if after this next round of appointments goes well, I'll probably be booked for a liver biopsy. This way, they can tell the extent of my fatty deposits. I'm told it needs to be less than 10%.) Turns out, the great majority of the population has fatty deposits on the liver. Now, I don't drink alcohol, I'm not over-weight and I'm hellishly active. So what's the deal?? The culprit most likely is....drum roll....

Processed foods!

Hmmmm...guilty as charged! I loves my white bread products! Hell I have white bread INSIDE my white bread sandwiches!! White rice is another yummy processed demon-food! I love sugar in my coffee and I've been known to nibble on a Lindt chocolate or two! Hard to imagine a life without processed food products...but I'm willing to give it a shot! I won't cut it out entirely, baby steps first!! This week, no white bread products and only 1/2 the sugar in my coffee. Apparently, the body can absorb these fatty deposits just by a change in diet. What I have I got to lose? Wish me luck!

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