Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Home Again!! The Quick Update!

Holy Shit, what a week! Well, after a very successful transplant surgery, I'm home and recovering! I went under the knife Monday, September 14th and was discharged Sunday, September 20th. Some things I remember, some I don't. Yes, I'm sore, I can't stand or walk completely upright just yet and my appetite isn't anything what it used to be....but I am on the mend! It feels like I have creatures marching around my abdomen, my stomach growls and gurgles constantly and I take a fist-full of medications every morning to prevent this and to heal that. I also have 35 pre-filled syringes to inject myself with to prevent blood clotting. Here's a picture of some of my stash!

I also have a huge scar across my abdomen and if you press or poke my belly....it feels like pressing a bag full of squishy wet sponges! I'm not very active, I tire easily yet sleep sporadically, this is mostly because I have yet to find a comfortable position to sleep in! When I do sleep, I have the strangest dreams ever!! Vivid strange dreams. Oh ya, I also have the smell of 'hospital' in my system that I can't seem to get rid of! All this aside, it's good to be home! I should start feeling better by week three, or so they say. For now...day by day is my motto!

My recipient? Well, the very first thing I asked when I woke up was, how was my recipient. My surgeon patted my hand and said..''He's doing great Chris, we didn't even start closing him up and we were noticing a huge improvement in him". I know I sobbed at this news, everything turned out perfect, it was all worth it...It wasn't till later in the week I thought to myself 'wait a second, my recipient was supposed to be a young female adult!' What happened??!! I'll explain it all later, for now everything is great.

Actually, there is so much to write about I hardly know where to begin!! I would like to say thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes and letters of support and encouragement, they really helped. (When I checked my email Monday night, I had 53 new emails!!) I also need to say thanks and give praise to the many doctors, surgeons, techs and nurses at Toronto General Hospital. We all bitch and complain about our health care system, but when all is said and done we have one the best health care systems in the entire free frickin world!! No questions asked! Anyways, I need to nap but will post more tonight.

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Kimmies said...

I'm very glad you are doing better and wow what an ordeal. You seem in good spirit today and yes it was worth it. Lots of drugs and things but time will go by and this will be part of the past with only the memory of great gratitude of what you had done. Good job...rest up so you can heal faster.