Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ok, so here it is the night before the transplant. In about 30 minutes from now, my brother & his wife will drive me to Toronto where I'll get a hotel room for the night. This way I won't have to worry about traffic issues in the morning!

I doubt I will post anything for at least the next 3 days, maybe even 4. Be sure to check back though. I am off!!


Kimmies said...

Just wanted to say, I hope all went well and that you are not in too much pain. That was an amazing thing that you have done. It's too bad there aren't more people that are willing to give up part of them for someone else to live a healthier, normal life. If there is anything that we can do for you to help out, we are just a phone call away. What's that saying some famous guy always says,"be well".

Ontario Driftboat Guides said...

Just to let you all know, Chris is doing great, half the tubes are gone, "including the one he was so "affraid" of. They have him on fluids still, should be trying hard food soon.
He's up and walking, he is very tired, doesn't get far before he needs to sleep.
My Brother is the greatest man I know, his gift was so amazing,I love you borther, I'm so proud.
Love ya