Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nurses / Doctors / Staff

I can't let this go. When I first started this blog, I tried to keep the doctors and nurses I encountered nameless....kind of a privacy thing. Now, I need to introduce them as they have become such a huge part of life and will continue to be forever.

Cailin Macleod - Transplant Coordinator:

I can't say enough great things about this incredible woman. Cailin is a tireless worker and always looking out for her patients. She's always available for questions and really knows her stuff...she won't tell you what you want to hear, she tells it like it is. Such a sweet angel too. As an aside, Cailin loves chocolate and eats her steaks rare!! I had a dream Cailin was feeding me those wee little pickled corn on the cob things while we sat on a gurney out in a field....very weird...I would and must marry this woman.

Blood Work Department:

The women here need to be praised. Throughout this entire process, I have had tons of blood drawn for various reasons at many offices, labs and hospitals throughout the GTA and the women at Toronto General are the best! No pain, no bruising, they smile, make you smile, they're gentle, and really know how to put you at ease. Thank you ladies for being so fantastic!

Dr. Paul D. Grieg - Director/Surgeon:

Dr. Grieg conducted my first surgical consultation, he mentioned there could be pain involved with this type of surgery....then explained there would be pain involved. A wonderful, straight forward - to the point surgeon. I watched him order coffee once at The Second was mesmerizing! It should also be noted that Dr. Grieg has freakishly soft hands.

Dr. Lesley Adcock - Medical Director - Living Donor Liver Transplant Program

When I first met Dr. Adcock, I was kind of taken aback as she looks way to young to be a doctor...and yet, she is my aftercare Doctor! I called her on the age thing too...she claims she's old enough. Dr Adcock doesn't sugar coat anything, she takes no shit and doesn't give any either. Oh ya, she also helped me through a wicked bout of sinus infections. Very smart and very kind. Dr. Adcock also assisted Dr. Levy with my liver biopsy.

Dr. E. Elliot - Psychologist

Thinking of volunteering to undergo an eight hour operation in which your gallbladder and a huge section of your liver will be removed? You are? Great! You won't get paid for it, as a matter of fact, it's a huge financial hit, there's also pain involved and no medical benefit to you at all! Still sound good? Did I mention the catheter? How about the fact you'll have to give yourself needles for the next 5 weeks as well, you'll walk funny for about a month and did I mention the pain?? Still in?? If so, they send you talk to Dr. Elliot to make sure you're not odd. No tests, just talking.

Dr. Gary Levy - Director Multi-Organ Transplant Program

Dr. Levy is just as I imagined him to be. Soft spoken, huge hairy head full of knowledge, and very to the point. He performed the liver biopsy on me way back when. A very classy gentleman as he apologized in advance for any pain or discomfort I might feel. Came across as very genuine...hellish soft hands too. Must be a surgeon thing.

Dr. Anand Ghanekar - Transplant Surgeon

Very suave looking dude! I would never have guessed this guy was a surgeon, lawyer maybe, but not a surgeon. Dr. Ghanekar conducted my second surgical consult. After meeting with him, I would trust this guy with my life in the surgery room. He knew things about me medically I didn't even know!! He also mentioned something about pain...and yes, soft hands.

Olive - Nurse

Olive will always have a special place in my heart...we were close, maybe too close. You know, she rammed an 8 inch Q-tip up my anus...she also swabbed my genitals in the slickest swooping action I have ever felt! Good times. In all honesty, I needed the awkward smiles and laughs we shared this day. There was a lot happening and it really took the edge off. So thanks Olive for being such a sweetheart!

Dr. Kathleen Bedrosian - Family Doctor

Dr. Bedrosian is my family doctor. I need to mention her because she supported me throughout this entire process in a number of ways....I won't say she gave me preferential treatment over other patients, but she did go out of her way to accomodate me when needed. She's the best-est!!

All kidding aside, I have no bad stories from my experience at Toronto General Hospital. The staff truly are fantastic!

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