Sunday, September 27, 2009

How Am I? Great! Still Gonna Whine Though!

Ok, I've now been home a week now and I think my progress is good! How am I doing? I'm doing fine...thanks for asking!!

I have some home care nurses that visit me at the house. They dropped by three times this last week to make sure I was doing ok, I think they'll come twice this coming week. They check my incision, make sure I do the injections properly (I have to give myself daily injections of a blood thinner for 35 days) and just generally make sure I am alright. They really stress the importance of the 'pooh' medicine too....I mean they're almost fanatical about it!! Needless to say, I take the stool softeners and the laxatives daily. Toilet still looks like a mess of Slim Jim's when I'm done...but I'm pooh in'!! Nice ladies actually!

As far as resting goes, I still have yet to find a spot I can sleep in without getting all crampy or sore, but I do find that I'm sleeping for longer periods of time. I have a gazillion pillows that I have formed into a trench along both sides of my bed...I sleep in this 'trench' and this prevents me from being too active while I sleep. In the morning, my belly feels and looks very bloated. Once I get out of bed and am sitting upright, I have to wait for the gas to pass before I can stand. Waiting for the passing of the gas is an event, and a skill I am proud of! I still have some trouble walking upright as well, but that will get better.

Also...I'm lovin' my shower!! When I was in the hospital, I didn't feel safe taking showers. Not that I would fall or anything, I was just afraid of the ''germ'' factor. In any case, when I got home that first night, we put a fold able step in the shower so I could sit and shower instead of standing. Let me tell you's the only way to go! When I get really old, I'm getting those rails put in the bathroom and a tilting seat for the toilet and a craft-matic adjustable bed! And to think I used to laugh at those commercials! Seriously though, the chair in the shower has been really great.

My incision is itchy...really itchy. I try to wear really baggy shirts so the material doesn't rub...but it rubs and makes it itchy-er! The steri-strip are falling off and I think I only have like 5 left on. It's healing really good though. I have bruises all over my arms and legs from IVs and injections, but they don't really hurt.

My taste buds are all screwed up still but the appetite is coming back! I only lost about 8 lbs during this whole ordeal so I can't wait to start eating all the foods I had to stop eating before the testing!! I have my first follow-up appointment on the 30th next week so hopefully everything will be progressing nicely. One thing is for sure...I'm bored! ~sigh~

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