Friday, October 9, 2009

My Donor Pin

On my desk, I have this little canister full of little trinkets that I've collected over the years. In it you'll find some old bottle caps, a few nifty looking rocks, a bunch of little toys and some pins that I was given for whatever reason....every time I find a new little treasure, I put it in this canister with all my other treasures.

I'm not sure of the time line, but I think the day after I donated my liver, my transplant coordinator Cailin, dropped by my room for a visit. After the visit, she handed me an envelope which contained a schedule of follow-up appointments for after care. Fastened to the corner of that envelope was this pin below. It's my donor pin, and probably my most cherished treasure ever.

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Roz said...

That is gorgeous! I, too, love little trinkets like you describe. I have cute little everythings that bring back memories including many pins. This is great and I'm sure you cherish is greatly.