Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Thoughts Part III

Holy Jeeze!! The past few days have been ''weird''. I woke up this morning feeling fine, then about an hour later I felt really light-headed, nauseous and dizzy! Still feel a bit dizzy now, especially if I tilt my head or bend down. I hate that feeling and have no idea why I have it!!

I really can't, or shouldn't complain though, life is good! That being said, this blog is my outlet to vent and share every experience of my organ donation with those who drop by! Not that my dizziness is from the surgery, I'm just complaining about being dizzy! The other odd thing that's been driving me insane lately is my belly feels really hot, like sunburn hot! The whole area just under my belly isn't red though, it just feels very hot. I asked the surgeon about this during my one month follow up visit and he said it was the nerves and muscle tissue reconnecting. The one good thing is my incision is no longer's really red and angry looking, but not weeping!

It's been six weeks since the surgery and I'm going stir-crazy sitting inside. My discharge instructions state "Walking is the only exercise recommended in the first six weeks. After six weeks gradually resume normal physical activities." Soooo, the other day I tried to rake some leaves! It felt really good to actually do something constructive and I made sure not to push myself to hard. That being said, I did realize that my I was using my back muscles more than my stomach muscles. Thinking about it now, I kind of wish the hospital had some kind of exercise program for donors to help or quicken the healing process. Besides, I caught a 'mirrored' glimpse of my naked body coming out of the shower the other day and from the side I looked like a Dr. Seuss character! Granted, I was never really super toned or buff to begin with, but this was just gross! I need to get me & the belly back in shape! So much to do...yikes!

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